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Woman or man, are you concern by the cause of women ?    

70% of the world’s poor are women. [1]

66% of the global work is done by women, 50% of the world’s food is produced by women and only 10% of global revenues are collected by women. [2]

Less than 20% of property owners in the world are women. [3]

2/3 of the 796 million illiterates in the world are women. [4]

29% of researchers are women. They are underrepresented in scientific and technological fields. [5]

23,3% of national MPs are women in June 2017.  [6]

Want to make the world more fair ?

The data collected in 75 countries indicate that educating a woman is essential for the survival of a child. [7]

The increase in the share of household income controlled by women influence spending in a beneficial way for children. [8]

Training is a key means to achieve gender equality. People with a good level of education generally have a wider scope to organize their daily and professional activities and are better equipped to face new challenges on the family, work and politics. In addition, most qualified people generally have better paying jobs. [9]

A young educated woman who completed her professional training has a higher income that allows her to be autonomous, to raise her children by being more attentive to their health and their school education. She can contribute economicaly, politicaly and socialy and thus help build the road to equality.

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Become a MEMBER of Skilled Women Worldwide for an annual fee of 50 CHF, we are grateful to you.

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