Become a Godmother or a Sponsor

With 1 CHF / day or 30 CHF / month for a period of 3 years you can change the life of a young woman and allow her access to vocational training certified by a diploma or a university degreeYou help her enter the professional world. This is a big step towards her independence and autonomy.

You allow her to qualify and become financially self sufficient, to raise her children in better conditions and participate more actively in her community life. You offer her and her family a better future !

You commit to 3 years but of course you are free to stop your support at any time. We ask a payment of 30 CHF/ month, but you are welcome to give more.

Because we want everyone to help within the limits of their possibilities, we encourage young people, apprentices, students, the elderly with limited income to support us with a donation of 10 CHF / month which is 33 ct / day. Every penny counts.

When you become a sponsor, you will receive an information file about the student you support. You can exchange  letters or emails through SWW, you will be kept informed of her progress and receive an annual report of her results. At the end of the support period, we will give you her contact details so you can stay in touch if you wish.

Some courses require the participation of several godmothers / sponsors, supported candidates usually generate some funding through small jobs they work in parallel to their studies.

We thank you for your support !

CHF / jour